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Onshore Oil & Gas Field Development 
As your multi-disciplinary engineering contractor for oil and gas field development we have more than 50 years of experience in the design, implementation and erection of onshore wellsite facilities, field gathering systems, manifolds, slug catchers, gas and oil, water separators, water treatment facilities, especially for reinjection of water, and gas and its auxiliary systems.  

Special benefit is gained from the vast experience within the thermo hydraulic simulation of single and multiphase flows which leads to more appropriate design of slug catchers and infield lines. The experience in this sector also involves the execution of the above ground facilities of underground gas storage plants. 

Underground Gas Storage
MMEC has built several above ground facilities for underground gas storages, our references include four projects built within the last few years. Such facilities include metering systems, separators, compressors and dehydration units.

Onshore Pipeline Systems
We are one of the most experienced pipeline engineers and contractors in the world for onshore pipeline systems (more than 25,000 km pipelines for different media in 35 countries) with a reputation of completing projects safely, on schedule and within budget.

We have designed and implemented major pipeline projects all over the world for various types of media, e.g. oil, natural gas, slurry, refined products, treated water and sulphur.

Our references include the design and implementation of large diameter water transmission systems (64” in the UAE) and cross country gastransmission system (56" in KSA), applying the latest welding procedures while complying to the most stringent environmental restrictions.

Refineries and Process Plants
MMEC has a long experience in designing and building process plants for the downstream oil & gas sector. This includes various units for oil refineries and gas processing plants. We belong to the most experienced Engineering Contractors for refineries in Germany with many references for greenfield, brownfield and revamp projects. Our services start in early project phases and expand to consulting for energy optimization schemes.

Chemical Plants
MMEC is your partner of choice for chemical plants ranging from pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals to bulk products. Our clients in this sector include several globally established as well as medium size companies. We are used to implementing our clients’ technologies while safeguarding the intellectual property.

We value the need for sustainable and green energy production. MMEC partners cooperates with technology providers in sectors such as photovoltaics (polysilicon), biomass based power production, bioethanol and power to gas.

Power Plants
We are the leading engineering contractor for lifetime monitoring systems of steam piping in power plants stressed with very high temperatures and pressures.

Ash Handling
Established on worldwide markets for more than 50 years, we are active in the development of ash handling systems and special dampers for flue gas applications. 

MMEC develops, designs and supplies fuel- and furnace-specific disposal concepts appropriate to the site conditions, also on a turnkey-basis. The individual designed and custom-manufactured ash handling plants ensure environmentally sound ash-removal from coal-fired power plants and Waste Heat Boilers. The systems are designed in accordance with volume of ash to be disposed off; the physial and chemical characteristics of the ash and the conveying distance, and are matched to the specific local conditions. The product range comprises mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. 

MMEC plays a substantial role in the development of large, man-safe dampers for the gas turbine, DeNOx and Flue Gas Desulphurization industries as well as for Waste Heat Boiler inlets for hot by-pass and process control. Our strength lies in the ability to engineer special details as may be required for application of high temperatures or flow velocities, large dimensions, fast closing or opening times, i.e. where dampers of standard design are not available.

Petroleum Coke Calcining Plants 
MMEC is a world leading contractor and licensor in the field of petroleum coke calcining. The applied calcining technologies comprising all units in those plants as kiln, afterburner, cooler, waste heat boiler etc., which are considered to be the most modern and largest units in the world, in particular in combination with our in-house developed ROTAFAST® Coke Cooling System a top quality calcined coke is produced for the aluminum industry or high grade needle coke and meeting the stringent applicable environmental requirements.

We have been cooperating for more than 25 years with our US based technology partner for the rotary kiln technology and have jointly built 7 plants for the calciner industry having a combined production capacity of more than 1.5 MMTPY*.

*MMTPY = Million Metric Tons per Year

Our key achievements

Engineering for the world and close to our clients’ developments

UPSTREAM                                                                                                                                           Executing four underground gas storage projects in four years.

Implementing a cross country gas transmission system (56") complying with the most stringent environmental requirements.

Upgrading and modernization of an 80-year old refinery with greenfield and brownfield elements to comply with latest environmental standards.

Converting a chlorine plant from diaphragm to membrane electrolyser technology.

Engineering and construction of the world´s largest petroleum coke calciner.

Delivering a high quality ethanol plant.

No LTI since 12 years and an excellent track record demonstrating our commitment to safety.